About Us

Welcome to our Store

We are a small "Mom and Pop" operation and our greatest pleasure comes from feedback from our satisfied customers.

Years ago we had the idea of making push pins to match themed-fabric-covered bulletin boards. John and I started with Bulletin Boards Etc, making and selling theme fabric-covered cork boards and making push pins to match the fabric. We traveled all over Texas to arts and craft shows and our bulletin boards became very popular.

Soon people started asking for push pins sold separately and we started packaging a separate line of push pins in our craft shows.

In our “other life” John was an engineer and I was a Human Resources Manager. We retired from Houston and now live in the country on two acres about 4 miles east of a beautiful little town in East Texas called Canton, home to the famous First Monday Trade Days. To the left of the house you can see our shop where I make the boards and push pins. John is very talented, and in his part of the shop he makes many things for the business and our home. John is a very good golfer and that is what he does when he is not doing our bookwork or shop work.

Our Mission and Our Motto: We Market Smiles

We want you to smile when you see our product. When John and I are at a show, we hear the same comments over and over, but recently we heard them all at the same time. We had several women in our booth looking through the hundreds of boards we have available in hundreds of subjects. One of them exclaimed, “Isn’t this cute!” After a short time another held up a board and said, “This is too cute!”, then the third one showed one she liked and said, “This one is really cute!” So John and I now say that we make our products in three styles: cute, too cute and really cute. We hope your purchase will bring a smile to your face and that you will come and visit with us often.