Push Pins and Fabric Cork Boards is a home decorations company based in Tyler, Texas. Enhance the beauty, style and functionality of any room with attractive, fabric-covered bulletin boards and decorative push pins. We serve home decorators, coffee shops, interior designers and more. If you are looking for a great room accent with a purpose, you have come to the right place!

Our History

John and Diana Hatch started traveling around Texas selling hand-maPush Pins and Fabric Cork Boardsde, fabric Bulletin Boards and hand crafted push pins. They traveled all over Texas to arts and craft shows. After a great demand at trade shows, they started selling the push pins as a separate line of products. They moved from Houston to Canton, Texas and built a great business.

In July 2015, Andrea Heslep purchased the company and moved it from Canton to Tyler, Texas. In addition to the new location, customers will enjoy an improved shopping experience with a robust and attractive new website. You will also continue to get the great service and beautiful products you have come to expect from Push Pins and Fabric Cork Boards.

Our Mission and Our Motto: We Market Smiles

Once, when the founders, John and Diana were at a trade show, they overheard customers commenting on their boards. The first exclaimed, “Isn’t this cute!” A second said, “This is too cute!” The third picked up a board she liked and said, “This one is really cute!” John and Diana adopted this as their official product style ranking: Cute, too cute and really cute! We hope your purchase will bring a smile to your face and that you will come and visit with us often.

Get Organized (And Look Great Doing It).

Decorative push pins and hand crafted, fabric-covered cork bulletin boards are eagerly waiting to add style and functionality to a wall near you.