Red Hats Decorative Push Pins


Red hats decorative push pins for cork decorative bulletin boards. The Red Hat Society is an international organization that is focused on reshaping the way women are seen in today’s society. They are about friendship, freedom and, of course, fun. If you know of someone in this organization what a great gift for them to remember the focus of the group.  These decorative red hat push pins are metal cast and enamel painted in red and feature two different hat styles.  Perfect for all your friends in the Red Hat Society.

Red Hat Society

Number of Push Pins in Set:  10

Size of Push Pins:  Approximately 3/4″



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We use a regular plastic push pin and attach the decoration with an industrial adhesive and let it cure for 2 days. The pin shaft is about 3/8″ long which goes into the cork, and the head is about 1/2″. The decoration or embellishment is added to the head. With this method, we can offer many different kinds of mediums and materials. 

The uniqueness of our selections add such interest and personality to bulletin boards, and the extra depth just makes the cute push pins POP OUT more and give longer life by making it easier to insert and remove. To see more information on our push pins visit our “About” page.


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Additional information

Weight .32 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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